Rohrer - Impera – Fabrication hall


Mechanical workshop: 1.800 m² (80m x 22m)
with 2 cranes: 25 t & 12,5 t

Reinforced open storage area: 2000²
Reinforced covered storage area:
Machining hall: 200m²

Train terminal: 3 km
Ship terminal – river Danube: 68km
Distance to Bratislava: 140 km

Address: Veľké Kozmálovce 363, 935 21 Veľké Kozmálovce



Fabrication hall – Machining equipment

  • Automatic welding machine for Membrane wall panels
  • Memebrane wall bending machine
  • Automatic Column welding machine
  • Horizontal boring machine
  • Sheet metal shears (3.000 x 5.000 x 10)
  • CNC cutting machine (3.000 x 12.000)
  • Pipe bending machine (up to 57mm)
  • 1x lathe SU 500 (ø 500)
  • 1x lathe SU 800 (ø 800)
  • 2x milling machine
  • 2x vertical drilling machine
  • 2x grinding machine for machine tools
  • Hydraulic press machine
  • Cutting saw for pipes and profiles up to 400mm

Fabrication Portfolio

1 Pressure equipment
  • Petrochemical: heat exchangers, reactors, columns, vessels, boilers, furnaces
  • Steel mills/Steel works: furnaces, convectors, recuperation, water cooled furnace roofs (caps), water cooled furnace shells, ladle hoods, water cooled panels, water cooled elbows and exhausts
  • Heating/WTE/Power plants: boilers (HRSG, Fluidized, Oil & Gas Fired, Biomass and Waste Firing, Waste heat), boiler parts (combustion chambers, reheaters, headers, heat recovery, economizers, air preheaters (LUVO), membrane wall panels, etc...)
2Non-pressure equipments
  • Ducts & flue lines
  • Cyclones
  • Air distributors
  • Steel constructions
  • Vessels (non-pressure)
  • Furnace grates
  • Conveyors
3Prefabrication of piping

Material groups: Carbon Steel group 1,5,6, SS, Duplex

Dimensions: from DN 15 up to DN 3500

Wall thickness: up to 50mm

Certified personell for PWHT(Post weld heat treatment)

Additionally Rohrer-Impera is able to provide NDT, Sand Blasting and Painting.



Ekonomizer - 2022

Heat exchanger - 2021

Boiler for waste heat - 2021

Water cooled roof (cap) of furnace - 2021

Roof (cap) for hood

Gallery of other works