Who we are and what we do:

Our company Rohrer-Impera was established at the beginning of year 2017 under the name Impera s.r.o.. The core of the company constitutes of team of experienced professionals who worked as one team already 10 years before the company Impera was established. The experience of some of us reaches as far as year 1993.

During the year 2017 Impera has strengthen its position by merging with strategic partner Rohrer Group. Rohrer Group is a family owned Austrian private company active on European market for more than 40 years. By merging comes the new name Rohrer-Impera s.r.o.. The Rohrer Group created necessary background for our company to execute larger scale projects and to expand types of our services.
  • Erection and revamp of machine equipment

  • Production of pressure vessels

  • Production and erection of piping systems

  • Production and erection of steel structures

  • Execution of turnarounds & shutdowns of equipments and complex technological units

  • Maintenance and reparation of equipments

  • Relocation of equipments and whole production units

The quality and safety of our work is boosting our success not only on Slovak market but on European markets as well.


Modern way of execution of projects and turnarounds, when creation of detail design and planning blends together with erection itself, creates enormous pressure on contractors in terms of flexibility. The multicultural and multi-national composition of the client's implementation teams for large projects only increases the pressure on the contractor. That is why we place great emphasis on a flexible approach in our company Rohrer-Impera.

Rich Experience

Companies working in our field of business are only as good as is the quality level of their employees. Our company Rohrer-Impera stands on people and their experience. It is a foundation on which is build the success of our company.

Innovative Solutions

Time is money. Constant shortening of terms of assembly intensify requirements on contractor to speed up process of erection. Hard to reach deadlines and milestones are attainable by innovative approach. Whether it is implementation of new technology, new erection procedures or digitalization and automatization of creation of technical and quality documentation, our company is ready to face the challenge.

Drive to Reach the Goal

The main goals are set by the customer and many smaller goals are created in the process of preparation, planning and project implementation. Each goal (easy or demanding) is unfeasible without the drive of the team or the individual.


Rohrer-Impera s.r.o.